shanila nov 15


There is a lot of powerful energy floating through and it’s the perfect time for us to harness that energy to let it lift and elevate us.

Shanila will use crystal quartz singing bowls tuned to 432hz, gong, chimes, and other instruments designed to activate the body's natural healing system and take us through an incredible sound bath.

The sound bath is a laying down experience that gets us to deep states of meditation. It helps to improve mood, sleep, focus, clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen spiritual connection. The entire body is activated with 432hz frequency, also known as the miracle tone. Please wear comfy clothes, and anything else you need to lay comfortable for 60 minutes.

Energy Exchange: $25
Please make checks payable to Yoga Darśana

Open Your Heart and Quiet Your Mind
with Dora Hasenbein

Sunday, December 1, from 1:30 - 3:30 pm

Give yourself the gift of Restoratives and Pranayama!

The profound healing practice of Restoratives and Pranayama encourages you to take time to go inward and experience a deep state of meditation, relaxation, peace and joy during one of our busiest times of the year.

This workshop is appropriate for students of all levels.

Tuition: $35.00
Please make checks payable to Yoga Darśana

Continuing Iyengar Yoga Education Study Workshops with Dora and Suzanne

Join Dora and Suzanne for yoga study group workshops to further develop your understanding and growth in your personal practice and teaching.

We will review yoga philosophy and study asanas on the Iyengar Yoga Introductory I & II and Junior I-11 syllabus. You will have the opportunity to teach asana and practice with your peers. We will provide you with guidance and feedback.

2020 Dates TBA

Workshops from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

The cost of each workshop is $60.

Plenty of public parking next door to the studio.

Entrance to Yoga Darśana is through the back door.

We look forward to studying and learning together with you!

Dora and Suzanne

Suzanne Simon
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"Yoga is a Darśana, a mirror to look at ourselves from within."
- BKS Iyengar