• Dora Hasenbein

    Dora is the director and co-owner of Yoga Darśana. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru, South America and spent a few years living in Germany. She graduated from the three-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program of Los Angeles and is a Junior Intermediate level Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. She apprenticed with Karin O'Bannon for three years, while attending the Teacher Training Program. Dora continued studies of Yoga Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University. She has been teaching in the Pasadena, Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley area for many years. She continues her studies with Senior Teachers. Dora is compassionate about sharing her love of yoga.

    Read the article "Yoga Darśana, The Mirror of a Community" on the website of the Iyengar Yoga Association of Los Angeles.

  • Wolfgang Hasenbein

    Wolfgang is co-owner of Yoga Darśana. He was born and raised in Germany, studied in Berlin and received a Degree in Art. Wolfgang has been studying religion, yoga philosophy and meditation for many years. He began teaching gentle yoga and meditation in the San Gabriel Valley in 2004. Wolfgang enjoys sharing his understanding of yoga and meditation.

  • Christina "dela" de la Fuente

    dela is a Certified Iyengar Teacher and has been devoted to the method since 1998. She studied with the Iyengar family in Pune, India in 2006 and again in 2011. Her classes encompass a wide range of asana with occasional discussion of yoga philosophy and basic pranayama. She encourages students to gently and consciously expand and understand their physical, mental, and emotional boundaries. Her primary teachers are Manuso Manos, Kofi Busia, Anna Delury, and Paul Cabanis. dela also holds a B.A. in Media Studies and Painting from Pomona College and is a Certified Massage Therapist.

  • Andrea Isco

    Andrea is a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. After being inspired by a friend's beautiful demonstration of Salamba Sirsasana, in 1998, Andrea started taking classes at IYILA. Immediately she began to experience positive benefits from the practice of yoga—increase in physical strength and flexibility, a respite from anxiety and depression, and a new awareness of her hormonal rhythms, to name a very few of the benefits the practice of yoga brings. With a little encouragement from one of her teachers, Andrea entered the Iyengar Yoga Training Program in 2002 and completed the program in 2005. During the time she was in this program she began to teach yoga. She encourages people to experience for themselves the health and happiness the practice of yoga can bring.

  • Tina Jen

    Tina started attending yoga classes with Pursha Hickson in 2001 and began teaching yoga in 2005. She completed a yoga teacher training program and the Silver Age Yoga Basic Senior Teacher Certification program. She has been a student of Iyengar yoga since 2005 and continues her studies with Dora Hasenbein at Yoga Darśana. Tina is currently attending the three-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program of Los Angeles. She is compassionate about sharing her experiences and love of yoga with all students

  • Bee Ottinger

    Bee has been practicing Iyengar yoga for 15 years. She has been teaching for 5 years and attended the 3-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program of Southern California. Bee is retired from the entertainment industry and is devoting herself to yoga and to still photography. She is interested in the philosophy behind the physical practice of yoga and often connects the poses to broader principals. She believes yoga is both hard work and fun, one enhancing the other.

  • Danielle Ou

    Danielle began studying Iyengar yoga in 2001 with Paul Cabanis, and was very fortunate to spend two months at the Iyengar Institute in Pune in 2005. She has taken classes with Manouso Manos, Anna Delury, Marla Apt, Diane Gysbers, Linda Nishio, and Kiha Lee, among others. She is thankful for the knowledge and generosity that her teachers, colleagues, and students have given her, especially the Yoga Darśana community! She lives in Pasadena with her husband, two sons, and cat.

  • Becky Patel

    Becky Patel began studying Iyengar yoga in 2005 after suffering from a wrist injury and has been a dedicated student ever since. She is a graduate of the three-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training program of Southern California and looks forward to one day studying with the Iyengar family in Pune, India. Becky is grateful for the chance to share the many benefits of yoga with others.

  • Ashley Thayer

    Ashley is formally trained in the fine arts and began practicing yoga after years of team sports, backcountry snowboarding, and surfing. She is currently a student in the three-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program of Los Angeles. The art and science of yoga have been both a compass and a comfort to her, guiding her through injury and enriching her life, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share her study and practice with others.